What People Are Saying

What People are Saying

So why is he profiled in an acoustic blues guide? Because anyone who has ever heard him play the blues will attest that Hamner’s blues are as deep as it gets. He regularly brings the house down with his fiery renditions of the classic country blues. He may be eclectic, playing Americana, folk and Alt-Country, but the blues is his essence. Equally versed as a fingerpicker and slide player, Hamner’s approach to the old blues is rooted in a lifelong intrinsic connection to the music. Still, when he gets out the old Epiphone that he has had since he was a teenager, he kicks out the truest blues you’ll ever hear. There is an ethereal, gritty feeling and profoundly moving sincerity and authenticity to Hamner’s blues. This is not something he learned. This is something he is and has always been.

---The Country Blues.com

“Americana, Shmericana. That’s just another flavor of the month pigeon-holing term. Listen to Mr. Hamner’s tumultuous take on Muddy Water’s delta apocalypse classic “Two Trains.” Unfortunately, that’s not on the album. You’ll have to catch him live to witness that song. Lowry Hamner plays rock ‘n roll!”

---Will Bedard, Music Critic, The Record Review

I call it ‘crossroads music.’ It’s an intersection where a variety of different influences meet. It’s ‘cosmic gumbo.’ I’m possessed by it.”

---Lowry Hamner

“There are only two kinds of music; good and bad. I play the good kind.”

---Louis Armstrong

“Secrets of the Heart” is garnering critical acclaim from peers and critics alike. “This is the best CD I’ve heard in two years,” said Sloan Wainwright, Waterbug Recording Artist. The album is being featured on WPKN (89.5) in Connecticut and by Gene Shay at WPKN (88.5) in Philadelphia, and is in heavy rotation at WKZE (98.1) in Sharon Connecticut. “Secrets of the Heart” can also be heard on WFUV in New York.

Hamner, a Mississippi native, writes and performs original and traditional music in the “Americana” genre, the crossroads of southern blues, country, rock and folk. “Secrets of the Heart” combines Hamner’s lyricism and poetry with a driving bluesy beat in cuts such as “Fixing to Rain”. “Fallen Angel Song” shifts to a swinging country riff while “After the Fall” features seductive vocals showcased in a tender elegy. For most fans, Hamner’s “Ariana’s Song”, written for his daughter, and the simple and eloquent “Lowry’s Homesick Reverie” are favorites. Philosophically biting “Secrets of the Heart” and “The Taste of Strange Fruit” offer Hamner’s take on power and corruption.

On this album, Hamner works with New York area musicians including Jon Sholle, a former member of David Grisman Quartet and Cary Brown, formerly with the Skatellites and currently performing with the Sloan Wainwright Band. Joyce Andersen, Ray Anthony and Dave Roufberg also perform.

Hamner is currently booking his fall and winter tour. Lowry regularly headlines at The Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, New York, performed at the Summerfest in Dutchess County, New York and regularly performs at other New York area venues including Fez (under Time Cafe) in New York City. He performs engagements as a solo artist, accompanied by one or two players or with the full band, The Soul Drivers.

Secrets of the Heart is truly a record, a document of where popular music’s been and where it’s going.”

---Will Bedard, Music Critic, The Record Review

“You don’t sing like Elvis but you’re the best songwriter I’ve heard in ten years.”

---Sam Phillips, Sun Records

Secrets of the Heart is literate, lyrical, authentic, hard, sentimental, provocative, musical, brilliant, thoughtful and profound. Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and John Lennon would have been proud.”

---Barry Denenberg, Author

“Lowry Hamner’s songs are simply infectious. “Fallen Angel Song” and “Real True Love” rival the best of any on Lucinda Williams’ new record– and for that matter the best of Americana anywhere. Put it on the top shelf. This one is a keeper!”

---Frank Matheis, Host, Frank's Picks, WKZE-FM, Music Critic, Taconic Newspapers

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